Immigration Expertise

Recently Hillary lectured a group of Long Island business executives about why they shouldn’t hire illegal immigrants. "We have to make it clear to employers that if you employ people illegally you’re going to have to pay a price," she said. 

According to Hill, there is plenty of blame to go around, though. She criticized Mexico and other central American countries for having "corrupt" governments and employers who apparently give these immigrants no choice but to come to America illegally. Hillary also said that ordinary Americans — even her fellow New Yorkers — are responsible for illegal immigration.

"I’ve had lots of constituents around the state tell me how much they’re against illegal immigration. I say, ‘Well, have you or anyone you know ever hired an illegal immigrant to take care of your yard or your child or have you ever gone to a restaurant where someone…might be illegal?’"  (Ironically, around the same time as she declared everyone guilty but herself, Hillary voted to fully legalize the 12 million illegals here in America. Fortunately, the ill-advised measure lost 61-37).

It was not reported whether Hillary mentioned the examples of Zoe Baird and Kimba Wood, who were nominated by her husband to become the nation’s first female attorney general, only to have to withdraw their names from consideration, in large part because they employed undocumented babysitters. 

Sen. Clinton also told her audience that any immigration reform wouldn’t be finished anytime soon. "Whether we do this before the midterms…I would be doubtful," she said. "There are people who want this as an issue. They want to stir up their base." 

Well, that’s mighty nice of Hillary to just admit how she and her fellow libs will continue to use this issue for political gain.