Bill Pascoe's Blog

As a movement conservative, you can count on me to tell you about competing sites. As such, I’m recommending you check out the blog of a fellow Republican: Bill Pascoe.

… According to National Journal‘s “On Call” blog, Pascoe has:

  • Smuggled cash and computers behind the Iron curtain
  • Was a Hill CoS–is a former RNC spokesman and chief speechwriter
  • Is a former nationally syndicated radio talk show host
  • Wrote a column for the Washington Times for 10 years’
  • Worked for the State Dept. on Central America
  • Had the thankless job of being Bush-Quayle ’88’s liaison to conservatives
  • Wrote his master’s thesis on, among others, Sen. Chris Dodd
  • Managed, in recent cycles, the campaigns of (ahem) Alan Keyes, David Vitter, Bret Schundler and Doug Forrester
  • Runs Urquhart Media LLC today with three partners.

It’s a good read. Enjoy!