Don't Do It, Hill

A new Marist University poll shows that while New Yorkers believe that Hillary and Rudy Giuliani will run for president in 2008, their constituents don’t think they can win the White House.

For example, 60% of those surveyed agree that Sen. Clinton will go for higher office, but a whopping 66% believe that she can’t win, and this includes 57% of her fellow Dems. Meanwhile, much smaller numbers feel the same way about Giuliani, with 45% saying he’ll run and a slight majority — 52% — who think he won’t win the presidency. Only 49% of those polled even want Hillary to run in the first place in 2008, while 51% want Rudy to go for it.

"Both of them are popular in New York but neither is getting a huge sendoff right now," says Marist College pollster Lee Miringoff. "There’s a lot of skepticism about their electability." But according to the poll results, New Yorkers’ skepticism runs much deeper when it comes to Hillary.