NARAL for Hillary

The New York Times reports that Hillary has been endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice New York for her re-election. Apparently potential GOP candidate Kathleen McFarland is not quite pro-abortion enough. The Times made it sound like the endorsement was almost a surprising move, considering Sen. Clinton’s comments after the 2004 elections in which she almost appeared to feel sympathetic toward pro-lifers, in addition to her strong support for pro-life Democratic Senate candidate Bob Casey Jr. But let’s face it, where else are these groups going to go? They know full well that Hillary’s seemingly conciliatory rhetoric is exactly that — just rhetoric, and that she will continue to oppose any and all restrictions on abortions.

This includes even efforts to limit partial-birth abortions and to have parental notification for underage abortions. They know that Hillary’s blather is just the same as her husband’s empty promise to keep abortion "safe, legal and rare."