If the Democrats Come Back, We're on a Perilous Track

With all the chatter in the mainstream press about conservative disillusionment with House and Senate Republicans and its potential effect on the 2006 midterm elections, has anyone stopped to think about how disastrous it would be if Democrats returned to power in both houses of Congress?

Much has been made of the influence of the conservative blogosphere on President Bush’s recent decisions (especially as it pertains to the Harriet Miers fiasco). However, one cannot ignore the effect of the radicalized left-wing blogosphere on the Democratic Party’s recent actions over the past several months. From John Murtha’s bizarre efforts to encourage the United States to cut and run from Iraq to Richard Durbin’s demagogic descriptions of "prisoner torture" in Guantanamo Bay, the party seems fixated on impressing as many members of the extremist "netroots" as possible.

While conservatives are not wrong to be angered by the apparent Republican lethargy in Washington, they must keep in mind that, if the GOP loses control of the House and Senate, we will have a situation in which the newly empowered Democratic Party will behave almost exclusively according to the dictates of the Daily Kos. That means an all-out assault on tax relief, the attempted destruction of "controversial" anti-terrorism efforts, and a de facto ban on Supreme Court nominees who happen to believe in fidelity to the Constitution.

Contempt for this President and his party has been simmering in left-wing circles for six years. If conservative disillusionment with the GOP results in Democrats seizing power once again, that simmering contempt will be brought to a full boil –and it will scald this country for years to come.

Although conservatives are rightfully chagrined by House and Senate Republicans not being aggressive enough in advancing conservative principles, the right cannot forget that it is just as important to keep both branches of Congress in GOP hands as it was to keep the White House out of John Kerry’s hands. Contrary to popular belief, the Democrats do have an agenda — ensuring that members of the far-left blogosphere are appeased, the rest of the country be damned. That agenda will bring severe harm to our economy, our judiciary, and our safety. That agenda must be thwarted on November 7.