She Doesn't Care About Health Care

Earlier this week, Sen. Clinton joined with her Democratic colleagues in blocking a a medical malpractice reform bill that would have limited jury awards in some cases.

Afterwards, she bragged about how Democrats "rightfully defeated legislation masquerading as medical malpractice reform" and claimed that she and Sen. Barrack Obama (D.-Ill.) have a bill that will solve all our problems. She did not, however, talk about how high insurance premiums are driving up health care costs and forcing many doctors out of the profession — or at least out of the area where they once practiced, which makes health care more expensive and less available.

Hillary also did not mention how the Trial Lawyers contribute millions of dollars to the Democratic party, including no doubt a large share of that to herself.

Then on Wednesday, Sen. Clinton blasted a bill sponsored by Senate HELP Committee Chairman Mike Enzi (R.-Wyo.) that promises to let small companies and associations pool their resources to buy health insurance across state lines at a good price for their employees. She called the bill "a bait and switch for small businesses" and claimed it would result in more abortions.

That’s right: according to Hillary the Enzi bill (or the "Bush/Enzi bill" as she calls it) will limit access to birth control, which will in turn result in more unintended pregnancies and more abortions.  

She bellowed, "I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, if insurance companies are going to cover drugs like Viagra, then they should certainly cover prescription contraceptives."

Not really sure what that has to do with anything.

She also rolled out the old canard that "in order to decrease the number of unintended pregnancies and to decrease the number of abortions, we must make contraception more accessible and more affordable," which, she claims, the Enzi bill does not do.

For his part, Chairman Enzi, who has to work with fellow HELP committee member Hillary on a regular basis, said in amazement that "I honestly have no idea how one could look at this bill, with even a limited knowledge of how health insurance works in this country, and come to that outrageous conclusion. It could not be further from the truth."

A recent study showed that Enzi’s bill would actually provide health insurance to over a million small business owners and their employees, so by opposing true medical malpractice reform and the Enzi bill, Hillary — who is supposed to be this health care queen — is actually hurting millions of Americans and their families.