Let's Get Ready to Rumble

The gloves were already off when it came to the Kathleen McFarland campaign against John  Spencer, but now the brass knuckles are out.

According to The New York Times, McFarland’s top advisor, Ed Rollins, has been circulating a six-page dossier on the skeletons in Spencer’s closet in the hopes of dissuading prominent state Republicans from supporting the former Yonkers mayor.

The memo details the alleged sins of Mr. Spencer, which include fathering two children with a woman not his wife (his chief of staff), putting at least sixteen of his and his lover’s relatives on the city payroll and hiring a top aide who later pleaded guilty to sodomizing a 15-year-old boy.

Ironically, despite all these shenanigans, Rollins actually voted twice for Spencer to be Mayor of Yonkers ("I live in Yonkers. I didn’t know all this. I voted for him twice because he was a Republican. I now know a lot more about him.").

According to Rollins, he is doing the GOP a favor now by publicizing all this dirt, since most of it was known anyway and Hillary’s campaign is sure to use every shocking detail n the general election.

If Spencer wants to retaliate, he should check with the private investigator McFarland hired to search into her own background. Although it’s possible to question whether such a move was necessary and if it will help McFarland gain some momentum before the state Republican convention is held in just a couple of weeks, it is difficult to disagree with Rollins’ statement that "the absurdity of having to concede the ‘family values’ issue to Hillary and Bill Clinton will rain further ridicule upon the Republican Party of New York."

Spencer’s campaign claimed that this is simply "the desperate act of a desperate campaign" and that Rollins’ career is over but he doesn’t know it.

Meanwhile, the state GOP leader said that "I think it’s pretty slimy, to tell you the truth…[a]s they keep doing it, John Spencer keeps on picking up Republican support, because they’re turning off people."

This statement seems rather improbable. If Spencer is leading McFarland in any polls it’s because her views are too liberal, not because Republican voters are excited about Spencer’s tawdry background.