College Honors Hardcore Rapper

A prominent school of music is honoring one of "Gangsta Rap’s" icons.

McNally Smith College of Music has just established the "Ice Cube Scholarship," according to All Hip Hop News. And, Ice, or Mr. Cube, was on hand for the announcement.
"The opportunity to recognize Ice Cube’s influence on contemporary music with a scholarship is very exciting," said Diane Kruger, Executive VP of McNally Smith "His passion and drive set an example for the next generation of musical innovators."


"An example for the next generation"?

How interesting…

Allow me to share with you a few lyrics from one of Ice Cube’s more popular songs, "Bow Down (Westside Connection)," which is offered on his "Greatest Hits Album."

(I’ve edited out most of the expletives. Also, I cross-referenced the song’s lyrics with a number of online sources and then listened to the song myself. While every word may not be exact, it’s pretty close.)

["Bow Down"]

Tha world is mine nigga get back
Dont f#@k with my stack the gage is racked
About to drop the bomb I’m tha motherf#@kin don
Big fish in a small pond
Now tha feds wanna throw the book at the crook
But I shook they worm and they hook
Guppies hold they breath they wanna miss me
When I’m tipsey
Runnin’ everything WEST of the Mississippi
It’s the unseen pullin strings wit my pinky ring
We got your woman so pucker up
FO we f#@k her up
Bow down before I make a phone call
Got 25 niggaz runnin’ up on ya’ll
Fo the cheese we want them keys
Everybody freeze on ya knees butt naked please
Before any of you guppies get heart
Nigga rewind my part and….(Bow Down)

Moreover, take a look at the song’s "hook" (for you non-rappers, that’s the catch phrase repeated throughout the song — some of you might call it the "chorus")


Bow Down when you come to my town
Bow down when we west-ward bound cuz
We aint no haters like you
Bow Down to some nigga’s that’s greater than You

Again this song appears on Ice Cube’s "Greatest Hits" CD.

Now, I have no doubt that Ice, or Mr. Cube, has overcome many obstacles to achieve his place in music history. And, I’m sure he has lots of insight to share with young men and women. But, should we really be honoring someone who actually sat down and took the time to write the above lyrics.

Makes you think twice about sending your kid to McNally Smith since the Executive VP believes "His [Ice Cube’s] passion and drive set an example for the next generation of musical innovators."

The All Hip Hop News article also notes that the school educates students on the music industry while offering degrees in Music Performance, Recording Technology and Music Business.