Republicans for Hillary, Part I

It has long been rumored that New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, a putative Republican, would be endorsing Sen. Clinton for re-election.

The New York Daily News reports that the mayor might be a bit closer to doing just that. After all, "Republicans already have given up hope that the pro-choice mayor will endorse former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer, the party’s anti-abortion favorite, against Hillary."

The paper quotes a senior Republican as admitting that "[Bloomberg’s] going to be with Hillary. No way he’s not."

Mayor Bloomberg also made a cameo appearance in Hillary’s comic video which was shown over the weekend at the Legislative Correspondents’ Association dinner, where he said Sen. Clinton is "doing a great job."

It is interesting to note the contrast between Bloomberg and NYC’s previous mayor — also a liberal Republican — in their views of Hillary. If Bloomberg actually endorses Mrs. Clinton for re-election, and if Rudy Giuliani captures the Republican nomination and ends up facing Hillary in 2008, the media will have a fun time with that dynamic.