Gov't Employees Love Hillary

Recently, the New York State United Teachers endorsed Hillary at its annual convention — shocker. The union’s president told the audience that "Hillary Clinton has been with us on our issues education, health care, labor and the concerns about working families during her six years in the Senate and before that, in the White House as first lady."

In other words, she supports heavy government involvement in every one of these areas, and supports more money for these departments and their employees. Earlier, Sen. Clinton was endorsed by two firefighters’ unions, the Uniformed Firefighters Association and the Uniformed Fire Officers Association. While the support of the teachers unions is to be expected, considering Hillary’s opposition to school vouchers and her association with fellow travelers such as the Children’s Defense Fund and Legal Services Corp., the endorsement of NYC’s firefighters is somewhat unexpected and pretty impressive. Neither union supported her 2000 Senate candidacy, and she was famously booed by city firefighters during a 9/11 benefit concert at Madison Square Garden. But she has done yeoman’s work in bringing federal funds back to the city for firefighters, for security operations and for health research related to the 9/11 attacks, so it looks like the firefighters just went with the person who has been bringing home the bacon.