The Rivalry Continues

Hillary served as the commencement speaker at Buffalo State’s graduations ceremony this weekend, but she was upstaged by Sen. Chuck Schumer, who raced onstage — unscheduled — to address the students first.  Usually Hillary is interrupted by anti-war protesters, so this was a unique first.

As the New York Times described it, Schumer was introduced by the emcee "with an explanation that the senator had unexpectedly found an opening in his schedule." After Schumer’s brief pep talk to the recent graduates, Sen. Clinton took to the podium. She encouraged the graduates to ”dare to make some audacious decisions” in an uncertain world, even though "[t]he news can seem awfully foreboding sometimes, even frightening…It’s hard to tell when the evening news ends and the trailer for ‘Mission: Impossible III’ begins, because we’re living with a heightened sense of challenge."

She then compared her decision to run for office in 1999 to the difficult decisions facing these young people. Of course, it was easy for Hillary to "dare to compete" for that career since she had great family connections, not all of these graduates can count on nepotism to get the job of their dreams.