Democrats and Corruption

So, kids, let’s see if we can read between the lines of this statement from alleged bribe-taker Rep. Wm. Jefferson (D-La.):

"I have never over all the years of my public service accepted payment from anyone for the performance of any act or duty for which I have been elected."

There’s a lot of wiggle room here, isn’t there? First of all, Jefferson could be saying that he was not "elected" in order to make corrupt deals. Kentucky businessman Vernon Jackson pleaded guilty on Wednesday to bribing him. His former aide, Brett Pfeffer, was the first to cop a deal in January.

And by the way, wasn’t Jefferson at least being paid his congressional salary?

James Gill of the Pulitzer-winning Times-Picayune puts it this way: "Jefferson’s denials hint that he will argue that he was not selling influence but engaging in legitimate business transactions."

In that case, Jefferson must have been was keeping those bundles of cash in his freezer because sometimes the ink runs a bit when you leave it out at room temperature.