'May Day' Boycotts Had Little Impact on Public Opinion, Says Poll

The American majority still wants enforcement-first legislation, even after the nationwide protests and boycotts on Monday, which did little to sway public opinion, says a new poll. (It just goes to show that whether the mainstream media likes it or not, the anti-amnesty movement is winning!)

According to the Washington Times:

Before the marches, according to the Rasmussen Reports poll, 67 percent wanted an enforcement-first approach to immigration, and that number dropped a statistically insignificant one percentage point in the poll taken after the marches. Meanwhile, support for allowing illegal aliens a path to citizenship remained steady at 53 percent before and after.

The poll also reveals that while people’s hearts may be softening a bit towards the immigrants’ cause, political candidates pushing border security are enjoying an increase in popularity:

The Rasmussen poll showed the protesters’ favorability rating rose from 24 percent to 29 percent, but support for pro-enforcement congressional candidates also rose when compared to support for pro-guest-worker candidates.

Furthermore, the Times reports that a new Zogby poll shows more people supporting the House’s border security/interior enforcment bill passed last year than the Senate’s amnesty plan for illegals:

Stacked head to head, the House bill received 56 percent support while the Senate bill received 28 percent support in the Zogby America survey, sponsored by the Center for Immigration Studies. Another 12 percent wanted to go further than either bill in enforcing the law, calling for mass deportations and roundups.

So I guess the question is, when will the Senate wake up and realize it needs to represent the views and opinions of the American people who put them in office? Do they realize November elections are only six months away?