Brokaw on Campus

Former NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw lends his perspective to an audience at Franklin and Marshall College in Pennsylvania.

Brokaw, whose speech was titled "An Anchorman Looks at the World" described it as "a dialogue about the issues that concern me as a citizen and a journalist," according to the Intelligencer Journal.

The author and former anchor was the guest speaker for a chamber of commerce dinner at the college and told the audience, "Our political landscape has been converted into a war-game battle." Brokaw criticized those who practice partisan politics and "begged the audience to put partisanship aside while the nation is at war," reports the Journal.

Brokaw contended that journalists covering the war have done so fairly, according to the article, However, Brokaw did solidified one of Rush Limbaugh’s pet peeves with the liberal media when he compared the life of soldier with that of journalist. "We (both) live unconventional lives, we like to live off the land," he said. "Most of all, we like to get the bad guys and point out where evil is."

Luckily, Franklin and Marshall College doesn’t have a communications program otherwise a young, impressionable journalism student may have taken Mr. Brokaw’s words to heart and thought a journalist’s job was to change the world (Hat tip to "Maha Rushie").