New Participant in Md. Attorny General's Race?

The Frederick News Post is announcing the likely entry of State’s Attorney Scott Rolle into the Maryland Attorney General’s race.

According to the paper, this past Friday night, Lt. Governor (and U.S. Senate candidate) Michael Steele was in Frederick, MD, to woo candidate Rolle:

"Calling on a round of applause and signaling to Mr. Rolle, Mr. Steele said, ‘We have among us an individual who is going to take a leap to run for statewide office.’

‘I learned a long time ago in my neighborhood you gotta take care of the homeboy,’ Mr. Steele said. ‘So let’s take care of him.’"

Rolle is, perhaps, the most gifted orator of any of the Western Maryland politicos. And the fact that Governor Ehrlich and Lt. Governor Steele have turned to him is a tribute to Rolle – as well as a signal of the nascent importance Frederick will play in future statewide campaigns.

Regardless of the outcome, his involvement will no doubt increase turnout and excitement in this traditionally conservative part of the state.

And that is very good news for Ehrlich as he fights tooth-and-nail to win votes in areas like Baltimore County.