Thoughts on Gas Prices, Illegal Immigration

Gas prices are $3.00 a gallon and there were traffic jams on the way in from Virginia. Then when I got on the Metro for my last leg of the commute, it was nearly empty. What happened to high prices forcing people to get on bikes and public transportation?

Mexico has a new national anthem, that stole the format of child-molester Michael Jackson’s "We are the World" and  was recorded by a bevvy of famous for Mexico singers. One recognizable name was Haitin Wyclef Jean, a former member of the Fugees, whose lead singer Lauren Hill has been accused multiple times of making racist remarks against white people.

Jean, also performed a unreleased song on the Chapelle Show called "President" that asked people to "tell the truth" about Christopher Columbus, Marcus Garvey, JFK and Martin Luther King. The chorus of it was " If I was president, I’d get elected Friday, assasinated Saturday, and buried on Sunday."’ What a role model for Mexicans to idolize.

Songs they should have stolen completely: The California state anthem or how about West Side Story’s "America?"

Here’s a relevent verse from the song America: Immigrant goes to America/Many hellos in America/Nobody knows in America/Puerto Rico’s in America!