Harvard's May Day March

The nation’s leading liberal university (that’s not a compliment), is preparing to protest on Monday.

Some 200 students, 15 campus groups and a dozen members of Harvard’s faculty plan to “walkout” on May 1 in protest of the immigration bill before the United States Senate, according to the Harvard Crimson.

The event, planned by Harvard’s May Day Coalition and co-sponsored by the Harvard College Democrats, calls for supporters to walk out of classes and activities on Monday afternoon.
Cristina Herndon, a coordinator, says the Coalition is “working with faculty members who have class at that time to allow students to join the walkout and to consider rescheduling classes for another time,” reports the Crimson.

Wait a minute!

If professors are going to allow their students to leave class, is that really considered a “walkout”? I would say that’s more of a “copout.” And, if a leftwing professor cancels class to attend this rally, should every conservative student get that day’s tuition refunded?

The Crimson goes on to write that after students are excused from class (I mean “walkout”) a rally will be held in Harvard Yard and then a march to the State House in Boston will take place. 

You know, these liberals want to show their support for illegal immigrants, but a march to the State House doesn’t quite do it. No…instead they need to walk their butts a few thousands miles down to the Mexican boarder, cross it and stay there. Now that’s commitment!

But, I digress.
The story reports that posters publicizing the walkout have been “defaced” or removed (those criminals…). And, those organizing the May Day event expect hundreds to join the rally and walkout.