School Lessens Punishment for Liberal Students

San Francisco State University allows 10 banned students back on its campus.

The students, all part of an anti-war group, were initially banned from the school for seven to 14 days after protesting military recruiter’s at a career fair, according to an article by Inside Bay Area.

But, their punishment was reduced to only three days after a "senior administrative staff" reviewed their cases.

"Todd Chretien, Green Party candidate for Senate, and 15 supporters held a news conference Monday to call attention to what they considered a violation of the students’ freedom of speech. The banned students are all members of Students Against War," reports Inside Bay Area.
The students were not on academic suspension or given a citation, and no marks were made on their transcripts or records according to a school official cited within the article. The students were simply banned from classes, student housing and the dining center.
Yet, according to Inside Bay Area, at least one banned student ignored the rules and defied the punishment handed down from the school "before the ban was lifted."

"I am going to continue going to class and living in the dorms," said Chris Velasco. "They can arrest me if they want. I pay my tuition. I pay their salaries. They’re the ones breaking the law."

The story also notes that Velasco is a member of the Immigrant Rights Coalition.

This is not the first time students from the anti-war group have been in trouble. "Last year, the organization faced sanctions for its involvement in another campus protest," but the group received no disciplinary action according to the Inside Bay Area article.