Chicken Soup for the Terrorist's Soul

Don’t miss Michelle Malkin’s column this week on the bleeding-heart defense team behind convicted al Qaeda terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui.

Malkin wrote,

"Last week, when prosecutors put 9/11 family members on the stand to tell the world the pain and horror they still feel every day as a result of the mass murders that Moussaoui facilitated, presiding judge Leonie Brinkema warned them against ‘prejudicial testimony.’ But Judge Brinkema said nary a word as Moussaoui’s lawyers ratcheted up the prejudicial emote-a-meter to 11."

In "One Nation Under Therapy," Christina Hoff Sommers wrote about the nation’s growing tendancy to justify criminals’ behavior based on their upbringing and whether they were allowed to color outside the lines. Let’s hope Judge Brinkema can see through the defense’s shallow attempt to justify a terrorist’s actions.