Student Sculpts With Conservative Firepower

Add another name to the list of hot conservative women who love doing battle with the left.

Blonde bombshell Kelly Spaulding, a senior a Vanderbilt University, contacted the Network of College Conservatives and explained how she took a simple classroom assignment and turned it into an assault on the leftwing media.

In her sculpture class, Spaulding was given the task to design a chair composed only of cardboard and glue that would support her weight and reflect her personal life.

The "autobiographical chair" assignment provided Spaulding a perfect opportunity to sculpt the project around her conservative views. She said, "The liberal media often uses the derogatory phrase ‘the right wing attack machine’ when ridiculing the Republican Party. [Thus] I decided to spoof the liberal media and build the ‘Right Wing Attack Machine.’"

After much work and effort, Spaulding’s final product resembles a M1A1 Abrams Battle Tank sent from Heaven. Her miniature tank captures the essence of conservative firepower. It comes fully equipped with treads for "demolishing all in the chair’s way" according to Spaulding, a gun and ammunition belt that’s ready to turn and fire and a set of Heavenly wings, which are precisely positioned with the right wing raised high and the left wing tucked-in and lowered.

Spaulding, who’s from a suburb of San Francisco, says she’s "proud" of her "Right Wing Attack Machine" and "truly enjoyed making it."

But, how did her "spoof" of the liberal media go over with her peers and, more importantly, her professor?

"My fellow students were shocked by the chair because many assume that being a blonde female from California equates with my being a Dem," Spaulding says. "My professor seemed to enjoy it, but also noted that he was surprised that I was so conservative."

Spaulding said she wouldn’t receive a grade on her project until the end of the semester. But, she believed her "Right Wing Attack Machine" accomplished its goal.

Spaulding says,

"My chair caricatures the left and their beliefs of what conservatives are: evil, war-hungry, mechanical, cold-hearted, the list goes on. Nevertheless, I find the duality of the chair with "angelic wings" ironic. It takes war to save people, to protect our country and our rights, and that it just part of what we stand for as conservatives. Moreover, the left wing on the chair is tucked down, lowered, to represent the cowardice of liberals that fail to protect our rights and merely attempt to hack away at them one by one. My being a female and sitting in the chair furthers this irony in that most would expect a man to have built or "drive" such a machine, but there are strong women composing our movement as well and prepared to fight for what we believe in."

Right on!

Spaulding is majoring in political science and spanish with a minor in Earth and environmental sciences. Yes, that’s right, Earth and environmental sciences, but she tells the Network of College Conservatives, "I give my liberal professors heart attacks daily!"

Again, right on!

Not only is Spaulding’s "Right Wing Attack Machine" a force to be reckoned with, but this young conservative combines her beauty, brawn and brains to do battle with the left.

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