Crofut’s Comedy Corner: How Do You Hide a Mexican Fox?

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  • 09/21/2022

Now for some late-night humor:

  • The leftist mainstream press feels like it’s Super Bowl Sunday when they talk about the President’s recent poll numbers. The only way the President could get lower poll numbers would be to take Keith Olbermann’s spot on MSNBC in prime time!
  • Have you noticed how much of the worlds evil starts with Al? Al Qaeda, Al Jazeera, Al Gore! (And don’t forget Franken and Sharpton.)
  • Hillary Rotten Clinton recently checked herself into a NYC hospital complaining of symptoms of vertigo. A doctor with the hospital said, “Of course Mrs. Clinton has vertigo. Look how fast she moves back and forth from left to right!”
  • How do you hide a Mexican Fox or Coyote? Behind any American Bush! 41, W, Jeb, it doesn’t matter because none of them care or about the border.
  • Do you know what French kryptonite is? Soap and water!
  • The dispute for atheists over heaven and hell continues. Said one non-believing official, “It has never been scientifically proven whether hell actually exists.” That’s why there’s France!
  • The Democratic National Committee had to suspend play in the annual DNC golf tournament for a number of reasons: DNC chairman Howard Dean had no balls. Bill Clinton walked off and quit because he said it was too hard to get out of a bad lie. Teddy Kennedy showed up hammered and when they told him he had to drive around a lake he freaked out. John Kerry couldn’t even get off the first tee box because he couldn’t figure out where to stand.
  • Once again Teddy Kennedy proves that global warming is caused by all the hot air produced by windbags like himself!
  • God Bless Darwin!


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