Multiculturalism Workshop on Campus

Liberal academics in western New York will bring "diversity" and "multicultural" training to campus this week.
So-called "experts" will hold a day of discussion and training "about multiculturalism in the curriculum" at Alfred State College.

According to a press release "incorporate aspects of a multicultural world" in the college classroom.

The school’s announcement made no mention as to whether or not illegal immigration will be addressed, but consider the following statement by Alfred’s president Uma Gupta.
"A student exposed to a multicultural education is better prepared to succeed in our global society. This workshop is just one of our many initiatives to help students understand diversity and social justice."

"Social Justice"?

Since when did learning about cultural differences include "social justice"?

It sounds like the "experts" leading this workshop will use it to weigh-in on the illegal immigration debate, not to mention preaching an anti-American concept such as multiculturalism.
I wonder if the "experts" will emphasis that America is comprised of people from various backgrounds and cultures who are to assimilate into the American culture. Hopefully, they’ll stress that America is a "melting pot" — where multiple cultures become one culture. Hopefully, they’ll inform students that America is not a "stew" — where although everyone’s in the same pot, they refuse to become one people.

Alfred State College also hosts a "Diversity Week" and "the International Children’s Festival to encourage students to embrace multiculturalism" according to the press release.