New Black Panther on the Campus Prowl

The "new" Black Panther Party takes center stage on campus.

Malik Zulu Shabazz, chairman of the "New Black Panther Party for Self Defense" spoke at Northern Illinois University’s 13th Annual African American Leadership Conference.

According to the official website of the "New Black Panther Party" — oh I forgot — "for Self Defense" Shabazz’s group says it is "dedicated to the freedom and liberation of Oppressed Black people all over the World, from the Mother Continent of Africa to these Hells of North Amerikkka."

Shabazz’s website goes on to say, "The New Black Panther Party is here and we are serious about revolution and the salvation of our people! Black Power!"

Umm… these "new" Black Panthers sound a lot like the old Black Panthers.
However, when I read the front-page headline in the Northern Illinois University student newspaper, "Shabazz Inspires," I thought maybe I was wrong. Maybe the "new" panthers were different from those of the 1970s?

According to an article in Northern Star, Shabazz’s spoke at the opening ceremony of the African American Leadership Conference and he "raised many issues dealing with black communities and struggles while talking about the respected black leaders of the past and present." And, of course, he also spoke about "oppression" and "the real causes of the struggles going on in America," reported the student newspaper.
"Bush is the No. 1 liar on the planet," Shabazz said. "His lies have impact and the power of what he says impacts millions of people."
Okay…that’s all I needed to hear!

There’s nothing new about these "new" Black Panthers. Only now, this kind of message apparently "Inspires" our youth, referring once again to the headline in the student newspaper.