Law Victims Organize

In a sprawling yellow two story house in the seaside Boston suburb of Hull a 50ish, balding and chunky lawyer is working over time to bring radical change to his profession.

David Grossack has been though a lot of battles, having won some and lost some, but in every move using his wars to organize what he immodesty calls a Second American Revolution.

On April 17 Grossack is scheduled to lead a rally of what he calls: "victims of legal abuse," it is a constellation of victims of judicial bias, vicious lawyers, corruption, official misconduct, bad decisions and similar outrages to demand that the House Judiciary begging investigations as to why Americans are losing confidence in their courts.

Grossack, the author of a self published book titled "How to Win A Lawsuit Without Hiring A Lawyer" is a lawyer, who in addition to having regular law practice, has made a sideline of holding seminars for pro se, or self represented litigants. He believes the system is broken beyond repair and his Citizens Justice Institute has built a alliances with other legal reformers to bring folks to the steps of the Rayburn Office Building at 1 p.m. on April 17 to issue demands that, if enacted, would greatly reduce the role of lawyers in society.

Grossack believes the country is "over-lawyered." He believes the courts and the laws should be user friendly so his profession would be less needed.

A self described libertarian, Grossack believes lawyers have used their power in the legislature to help government cross the boundaries between the rights of individuals and government to the detriment of individual rights over and over again and he isn’t going to quit until the process is reversed.

Is he a dreamer, a utopian or a revolutionary?

His colleagues chose him as a Lawyer of the Year in 1999 reported in the Mass. Lawyers Weekly. That same year the Boston herald listed him as one of the state’s ten best lawyers, a claim he self effacingly would not make for himself.

In any event, his April 17 demonstration is on at the Rayburn offices, and is not an event that should be ignored.