Katie Couric Is a Liberal (and Here's the Documentation to Prove It)

The Media Research Center has a great gift to welcome Katie Couric as CBS News’ anchor: A fully documented report about her liberal bias.

Since becoming co-host of NBC’s Today in April 1991, Katie Couric has often used her perch to salute her liberal heroes (including Hillary Clinton and Jimmy Carter) or complain about "right-wing conservatives." In her years on Today, She’s lectured Charlton Heston about the need for gun control, championed the need for campaign finance "reform," and even touted the wonders of France’s nanny state. Here are some of the most outrageous quotes from Katie’s career, many accompanied by audio and video clips.

There are lots of goodies in the MRC’s report. It’s a must read for conservative hoping to beef up their knowledge of Couric before her debut next month.