College Dems Welcome Ultra Liberal

A leftwing extremist makes her way to the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The UW-Madison College Dems, invited state Rep. Terese Berceau (D.-Madison) to campus on Tuesday night where she promoted women’s "reproductive rights," stem cell research and taking intelligent design out of the classroom, according to The Daily Cardinal.

Rep. Berceau cited a decrease in the percent of pregnancies since the UW-Madison began handing-out contraceptives. The Daily reports that she went on say "contraceptives and stem cell research are seen as immoral by many Republicans" in Wisconsin who believe "a sperm and an egg constitute an unborn child."

Berceau is then quoted as saying, "But there is value to born life. And individuals have the right to protect their own life as well."

She also touted a bill she’s working on to "encourage verifiable science and discourage intelligent design as an alternative to evolution" according to the article.

Berceau said, "You can’t prove the supernatural, and science is about proving natural processes." She said teaching intelligent design may confuse students as to what constitutes real science.

The article notes that Brian Shactman, who chairs the College Democrats, said "there was no one better to represent the groups’ values and views."

That’s scary!