MoveOn Takes Credit for Delay: 'We Got Our Man' is taking credit for knocking former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay out of the political spectrum.

In an e-mail just sent out with the subject line "We got our man — Tom DeLay out.," MoveOn touts DeLay’s decision to not to run again for political office as "a great victory for the values of MoveOn members and all Americans."

But wait, MoveOn doesn’t stop there, the melodrama continues:

The DeLay story isn’t about one man from Texas. It is about a political movement made up of Republicans and conservatives that lost its way and came to care more about itself than America. DeLay has been the symbol of that fall. But the stubborn refusal by Republicans to abandon DeLay showed the entire country that the corruption is pervasive.

Today, for at least one day, the decency and honesty of Americans has prevailed.

Then, after listing of all its many "contributions" to help "expose" DeLay in his "culture of corruption," the MoveOn political action team pleads desperately for more help (translation: $$$) to continue its "valiant" cause.

This really shows the amazing work we can do together. Often, when we take control of these issues, we can really push Democratic leaders and other groups to do more. And, with the entire progressive movement pushing we were able to change the mind of voters in DeLay’s district — making it certain he’d lose. That is the big difference you made.

Interestingly, at the 2006 Conservative Political Action Conference, revered Washington insider/reporter Robert Novak declared that in his 50 years in Washington, he’s never seen a House Majority Leader better than Tom DeLay. This from a man not known for giving out compliments — nor for his party loyalty. Call me crazy, but I’ll believe Novak over the MoveOn "political action team" any day.