Laura Takes On Hillary in New Book

Yesterday the Drudge Report revealed an advanced account of Doubleday’s new book, Laura Bush: An Intimate Portrait. In it, the current First Lady is reported to be critical of a certain former First Lady’s housekeeping and decorating skills.

The book is written by Wall Street Journal and Washington Post reporter Ron Kessler, and is the first tome written about Laura Bush with cooperation from the White House.

Kessler writes that soon after the Supreme Court ruled on the 2000 election, Hillary (who was then First Lady and senator-elect) gave Mrs. Bush a tour of the White House, but the incoming-First Lady "was dismayed at what she saw: Not only were carpets and furnishings fraying and in disrepair in the West Wing and public areas, the Oval Office was done in loud colors — red, blue, and gold! The East Wing was cut up into small offices and had exposed electrical conduits. Many of the furnishings looked dated."

Mrs. Bush also complained that Lincoln Bedroom looked worn out, which is probably because of the hundreds of guests which stayed there, some of whom were very rough on the antique furniture.  

Mrs. Bush has been kind of hard on Mrs. Clinton over the last couple of months. First she called Hillary’s comparison of the Republican-controlled House of Representatives to a plantation "ridiculous," then she said that her predecessor’s harsh comments about her husband were "out of bounds," and now this book.

It may be all part of a reported strategy by the White House to attack Hillary without actually getting the President’s hands dirty.