College Lib: Guns Not a Priority of Bill of Rights

A gun raffle on a Michigan campus upsets the school’s liberal leader.

The Michigan Daily reports that the College Libertarians at The University gave away a gun in order to showcase the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

However, the chair of the College Democrats was at odds with Libertarians’ message.

"The College Dems do not believe that focusing on the Second Amendment should be the priority of anyone genuinely committed to the preservation of the entire Bill of Rights and our Constitution," the Daily reports from an e-mail interview.

The article goes on to say that the College Democrat "questioned why the College Libertarians have made the Second Amendment a priority while ‘the Bush administration has condoned violations of the First, Fourth and Sixth Amendments.’"

It’s so sad to see another victim of a "liberal" education.

You have to wonder if students like the College Dem chair have ever cracked-open a history book detailing the American Revolution.

Then again, maybe it’s best they don’t. Can you imagine their reaction upon learning that children back in the 1770’s were carrying guns and shooting game on a daily basis — not to mention that it was encouraged by parents?

According to the article, there were two experts at the gun raffle highlighting the importance of the 2nd Amendment: president of Michigan Gun Owners, and secretary for the Shooters’ Alliance for Firearm Rights.