Bob Casey's Truancy: Serious Problem

A new ad from Americans for Job Security is attacking Democratic U.S. Senate hopeful Bob Casey Jr. for being consistently absent from his taxpayer-funded job as Pennsylvania treasurer. (Click here to watch the ad.)

Here’s the script:

These are serious times that call for serious leadership.

Yet, as treasurer, Bob Casey has skipped work more than 43% of the time. In fact, just three months after being sworn in as treasurer, Bob Casey was already skipping work to look for another job.

With a record like that, can we really count on Bob Casey to be there for us when it matters most?

Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, who is facing a difficult re-election fight against Casey, trails in some polls by double-digits. But ads like this one — showcasing Casey as a professional politician who is looking out only for himself — can help at time when voters are already feeling down about politics.

Perhaps that’s why the GOP’s candidate for governor in Pennsylvania, Lynn Swann, is leading incumbent Gov. Ed Rendell, the epitome of a professional politician. As a not-so-nice Washington Post profile of Swann revealed yesterday, the former Pittsburgh Steeler star has made the most of his being an outsider. Confirmation comes in the polls: Swann led Rendell by 6 percentage points in a survey released last week.

UPDATE — April 5: Young Conservatives of Pennsylvania Political Action released an ad hyping Santorum, which features former conservative Rep. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania. Toomey’s support for Santorum is notable because Santorum chose to back liberal Sen. Arlen Specter (R.-Pa.) over Toomey in the GOP primary in 2004. Toomey is now president of the conservative Club for Growth. Click here to listen to the ad