Quinnipiac's Misleading Poll Helps KT

Although a recent Quinnipiac University survey showed Kathleen “K.T.” McFarland with a surprising thirteen point lead over conservative John Spencer (with 37 percent undecided), even Maurice Carroll — the pollster himself — is calling the results “a little peculiar.”

The New York Post asked another pollster whether Quinnipiac’s phrasing of a question helped McFarland; specifically, the survey asked GOP voters to choose between K.T., a “former Reagan administration official” and Spencer, a mere “former Yonkers Mayor.”

The other pollster noted the obvious, saying, “Linking McFarland to Reagan would give her a leg up because Reagan is a popular figure to many Republicans,” and that “The first question should have been a neutral one, without describing the background of either one.”

When confronted with the biased question, Quinnipiac spokesman Pat Smith admitted, “It could be the Reagan reference, yeah.”  But regardless of the question’s legitimacy, the poll still found that Hillary crushes both Republican candidates, by at least 30 points.