McCain Migrating to Campus

Sen. John McCain (R.-Ariz.) will be given amnesty in the Buckeye state later this spring.

The “maverick” has agreed to speak at Ohio State University’s commencement ceremony on June 11, according to Business First Online. McCain was reportedly invited by a committee of OSU students, faculty and staff.

Ohio State expects roughly 7,000 students to receive their diplomas at the event (no official word on how many of those students are illegal aliens).

Human Events U is not surprised that the senator agreed to address the graduates of Ohio State. Ironically, it parallels his endorsement of amnesty for illegal aliens who enter the United States.

Consider the uncanny similarities:

McCain will enter a northern land from his native southern home. He won’t file any paperwork before crossing-over the Ohio boarder. High ranking officials within state will meet and greet the alien with open arms. Although McCain has no official ties to Ohio State (he graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy) the senator recognizes a tremendous benefit by migrating to the north. A large number of state funds will be spent in order make sure his visit is a pleasant one.

While he’s given amnesty within Ohio, he will take on a task (most likely get paid or compensated in some way). And then, after he’s been wined and dined by the inhabitants, used state funds to make his trip more comfortable, achieved his goal and refused to assimilate into the Buckeye culture, McCain will return home more successful then when he left.

The Arizona senator is not just preaching the virtues of amnesty, he practicing them as well.


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