Liberal Professor's Patriot Act Board Game

A New Jersey professor — and self-proclaimed liberal — is playing games with the U.S. Patriot Act. 

Michael Kabbash, assistant professor of art at The College of New Jersey, has developed a board game called "The Patriot Act: The Home Version," reports the Signal.

Kabbash, a Christian of Arab decent, calls himself a liberal and created the game “to get people talking about the PATRIOT Act,” reports the school’s student newspaper.  Kabbash based his game on events in the news and not to attack President Bush, the story goes on to say. But, consider some of its characteristics:
The Monopoly style game substitutes former Attorney General John Ashcroft for the “Monopoly” man. 

Players can be penalized for being Arab, sent to Guant??¡namo Bay (jail) and accused of sedition.

Players can loose 10 spaces for "wearing a ‘Give Peace a Chance’ shirt to a shopping mall during wartime.”

Others may be penalized for having the NSA monitor their “calls for Chinese take-out and the Home Shopping Network.”

The object of the game is to make it around the board while loosing as few civil liberties as possible.

Kabbash tells the student newspaper he created the game to give a "humorous context" to the issue and says he’s not looking to profit from it.  The Signal also writes, “Kabbash said that if the government is watching him, which, according to the AP article, he suspects they may be, then ‘(NSA) is wasting their time.’”

Kabbash says he first created “The Patriot Act: The Home Version” two years ago, but given the content of the professor’s game, Human Events U suspects the government knew about it months beforehand.