GOP Troubles, Cont.

Recently, New York party patriarch Al D’Amato blasted the state GOP for their choice of candidates for this fall’s elections. The Republican infighting continued on Monday, as The New York Post reported that state GOP Chairman Stephen Minarik urged Kathleen "K.T." McFarland to drop her advisor/strategist Ed Rollins.  

Rollins had been publicly and harshly criticizing Minarik and John Spencer, and apparently this made the party leader send a "blistering and unprecedented two-page letter" to McFarland’s campaign.

In the letter obtained by The Post, Minarik attacks Rollins for speaking ill of his fellow Republicans, and points out that he recently ran out on Florida Senate hopeful Katherine Harris and even helped give Mrs. Clinton her big break on the national stage by working in 1992 for Independent presidential contender Ross Perot.

"A review of Mr. Rollins’ own words finds a wake of negative and destructive commentary on Republican officials and candidates across the nation," claimed Minarik.  He concluded with a thinly veiled threat to McFarland: "If you want to be taken seriously by our party and by our party leaders, it is time to dump Ed Rollins.  Your actions on this matter will tell me all I need to know about the type of campaign you will run this year." For his part, Rollins says he will not resign and took issue with at least one of Minarik’s claims, arguing that "To blame me for giving us Hillary Clinton, after I worked for just six weeks for Perot, is pretty absurd."