Political Tidbits

Here’s what I’ve been up to…

…My panel discussion at American University went well (aside from the fact that it took place at 9:45 on a Saturday morning).

Here are a few of the topics we discussed:

– "Bottom-feeder" political consultants who prey on weak candidates.
– How an "end justifies the means" mentality can lead young political operatives down a dangerous path.
– Whether or not the "lesser of two evils" theory is a good one (when determining which campaigns to work for).
– How "negative politics" has always been around. In fact, it can be argued that things are more "tame" than ever.

…Speaking of ethics, the Red America blog came to an unfortunate end on Friday. The story is still developing, and hopefully it won’t end up like this.

After the panel discussion…

…Yesterday, I read Army of Davids. Here’s my take: For someone who hasn’t read Toffler, Pink, or Florida, this book could be life-changing. But if you are familiar with the genre, it is still good, but less than "revolutionary."

…Last night, I went to see Thank You for Smoking (warning, this movie link has sound). I give it "2 thumbs up." Anyone who likes this blog ought to go see this movie.

Afterward, I had a drink in Georgetown at the Ritz. Once again, I have found that the atmosphere is a "10" and the service is a "2." Not sure if I will be going back.

In other news, here are a couple of instructive political tidbits I found this weekend:

…When it comes to press conferences, never forget how important the "stage" is. For the GOP, this bad visual (warning: link has sound) is the gift that keeps on giving.

…Should a front-runner agree to debate his opponent? The Akron Beacon Journal’s blog explains why it might not be a winning proposition.