Mac Johnson, Human Events on 'Rush Limbaugh Show'

El Rushbo, America’s anchor man, Rush “Little Rusty” Limbaugh today made an infrequent exception to his long-standing rule against reading articles on the air and prominently featured most of my current column from HUMAN EVENTS, “Illegal Aliens: Just Mobbing The Streets That Americans Won’t Mob.”

Mr. Limbaugh was kind enough to dedicate over seven minutes of his first hour and two minutes of his third hour to excerpts and discussion of the article.  And unlike the first time Mr. Limbaugh was kind enough to introduce one of my columns into a debate, he remembered my name this time. A highlight from the discussion:

[That article] may represent the views of quite a few of you. I think it’s a good point. The protests are not unusual for these people. This is how they did it in their (clearing throat) homeland — and this is a great line here. These people coming out… Stop and think about this. Here are 500,000 people: "We are illegal, and proud! We’re illegal and proud to be here, and screw your law, and screw your Congress! Screw this piece of legislation," and where is the INS? (laughing) Where are the people showing up?

It’s like Mr. Johnson said, "It’s almost as if thieves thought they could form a union to lobby for fewer cops and went out there on the protest march, ‘We want fewer cops. We’re the thieves; we’re bank robbers, and there are too many cops in our way.’"

All jokes aside, I would like to sincerely thank Mr. Limbaugh for discussing the article and letting me share in the conversation with his audience.  It’s gratifying to be recognized and to help continue HUMAN EVENTS’ role as America’s premier conservative weekly.


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