The Oscars in Review: Whatever Happened to the 'Classics'?

The Oscars were just featured on television a few weeks. Did you and your family gather around the box and cheer on the nominees? I hope not. I don’t know who won what, and honestly, I don’t care. What ever happened to the kind of movies that are now lovingly referred to as "classics?"
Let’s take at look at what was offered last year as high-quality entertainment by Hollywood and its liberal "artiste."
Nominated for Best Film is:
1. Brokeback Mountain, a story about two homosexual sheep herders. It was also nominated for Best Adapted Screen Play, Achievement in Directing, Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role, and Best Performance in a Leading Role.

2. How about the movie, "Capote," the story about a homosexual liberal writer?

3. Do you like music? I do, but I don’t think I’ll be buying the
soundtrack for the movie "Hustle & Flow" and its nominated Original Song, written for the movie. The song¹s title? "It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp."
Well folks, it’s hard out here for a husband and father too who simply wants to bring his family to a movie theater to enjoy a wholesome piece of entertainment.
It’s interesting to note that movie box office receipts have been heading steadily down since 2002. Now there’s all kinds of excuses coming from Hollywood officials as to why people are turning their backs on movie theaters, incuding affordable DVDs and home entertainment centers, and the lack of huge blockbuster movies.
Now I’m not a movie critic, not privy to what Hollywood insiders think when they decide to put out movies that glorify homosexuality, prostitution, or gang violence, but until something changes, I’ll be sitting home and voting "thumbs down" on Hollywood.