If Rahman Is Released, Will He Be Safe?

Encouraging signs are trickling in from Afghanistan—albeit days after the West began condemning the country for putting Abdul Rahman on trial, facing the death penalty for converting to Christianity. According to AFP:

An Afghan Christian facing possible execution for converting from Islam was likely to be released from jail "soon," a senior government official said following huge Western pressure over the case.

"He is likely to be released soon," the official said, adding there would be a top-level meeting on the matter Saturday.

The question now appears to be whether Rahman, if released, will be safe in Afghanistan. He’s certainly won over few supporters in his native land, and in a country where they’ll put you to death for converting to Christianity, he probably has them to fear most.

Meanwhile, in Washington today, a contingent of bloggers and Freepers made their way to the Afghanistan Embassy, where they held a rally for Rahman.

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Stayed tuned for more details…


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