Watch Out Warner

Former Virginia Governor Mark Warner is being widely portrayed as the southern, moderate "anti-Hillary" candidate for the Democratic party in 2008.  

Hillary and her supporters are well aware of this, which might be why The New York Times recently ran an extremely unflattering cover photo of Warner on their weekly magazine.

It may be also be why HILLPAC just hired Matthew Felan, the deputy campaign finance director for Warner’s successor, Democratic Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine. Some pundits believe that Felan brings expert insight to Virginia’s political operation, which would help Hill deal with Warner.

"Clinton gets a twofer with him," says Dem strategist Hank Sheinkopf. "She gets his ability to raise money and she gets his knowledge of Virginia politics and players, which includes Mark Warner."

But HILLPAC spokeswoman Ann Lewis claims that Felan was hired solely for his fund-raising expertise.