New WaPo Blog Under Attack

Red Amerca, the newest blog of the Washington Post, and its conservative blogger, Ben Domenech of, have come under fierce attack in the less than 16 hours since the blog made its debut.

The Post’s Tom Edsall was swarmed today during his online chat hour with concerns about Domenech and his blog.

(Hat tip: Michelle Malkin)

But, on a more positive note, Mike Krempasky has posted a tribute to his RedState colleague:

Cry, moonbats, cry. Would it be sexist to wonder if this qualifies in large part as "the lamentations of their women"? (aside from the well-deserved praise, of course)

Congratulations, Ben – the WaPo made a wise choice with Red America – and we’re just proud to be part of the crowd that can say we knew you before you turned the Post upside down. And for the record – the best part of Red Dawn has nothing to do with cold dead fingers – much better to remember the Commie officer directing his henchmen to the local gun store to secure all the gun registration forms.