There's No Stopping Tancredo in Fight Against Amnesty

Rep. Tom Tancredo won’t shy away from a fight against any Senate guest-worker bill that grants amnesty to illegal immigrants — a very likely possibility that could come to a head later this month.

During a press conference at the National Press Club last Thursday, he said amnesty only encourages more illegals to cross the border. Bills that include amnesty and enforcement will only result in a guest-worker program and not enforcement, contrary to what those pushing the bills say, he added.

Tancredo said the best policy for our country is enforcement. In actuality, no more legislation is needed, he said, but the federal government has not yet dealt with this issue and so lawlessness has taken over many southwestern border sections. Tancredo said he doesn’t like the current “McKennedy” bill, as he calls it, being pushed through the Senate, as well as several other Senate bills. The House bill, which he championed, will be more effective because it calls for an actual 700 mile-long fence and encourages state and local law enforcement to help with this problem.

Tancredo stressed that illegal immigration is not a race issue, but a security issue. Because illegals usually stay past the six-year expiration date, and then bring other family members into America, he said, “nothing is more permanent than a guest worker.”