Opposing the War is an 'Honor' on Campus

Students at the University of California — Santa Cruz take pride in their anti-war tactics.
In fact, after making a "Pentagon surveillance list" some members of the anti-war movement on campus wear it as a "badge of honor," reports the San Francisco Chronicle.
The group "Students Against War" will take part in an anti-war rally this weekend in San Francisco’s Civic Center where they will wear T-shirts reading, "Credible Threat," according to the article.

The anti-war group actively pursues "counter-recruiting" tactics such as a "queer kiss-in" performed in front of military recruiters on campus last October during a job fair.
"Talking about a war on the other side of the world can get kind of abstract for some students," said Kristin Anderson, a board member of the nationwide Campus Anti-War Network.

"(Counter-recruitment) has gotten popular because it gives students something concrete they can do," said Anderson. The article goes on to say that the Santa Cruz anti-war group is the network’s largest on the West Coast.
"Berkeley may have the reputation for having a lot of anti-war activists, but I feel like Santa Cruz has had a lot more going on," said Kai Sawyer, a member of Students Against War and a teaching assistant in the psychology department.

"Liberal students have been drawn to UC Santa Cruz since the campus opened 40 years ago. Their activism isn’t limited to the military — largely at the urging of students, nearly one-fifth of the food served in university living quarters is organic and locally grown," according to the article.
The Chronicle adds that military recruiters are planning to return to the UC Santa Cruz campus this April and will be met by student activists.


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