College Republicans Framed

Vandals at DePaul University attempt to frame the College Republicans.
Jonathan Cohen, a professor of mathematics at DePaul University, writes in the American Thinker about a recent incident on campus where a criminal act was made to look like a bunch of young conservatives were the guilty party.

Earlier this month, vandals wrote racist and anti-Semitic remarks in DePaul’s University Hall. The incident was to be treated as a criminal matter according to the school’s president. But Professor Cohen revealed a detail that "had been omitted by police and university officials."

"One piece of the graffiti said the attack was ‘from the College Republicans.’ I spoke with Joe Blewitt of the College Republicans who reported that he and DCA member (DePaul Conservative Alliance) Michael O’Shea had been questioned about the incident by campus officials and cleared of suspicion. They had learned of the graffiti’s attempt to implicate the College Republicans in the course of their discussions with campus authorities."

Professor Cohen goes on to say:

"This all suggested strongly that the graffiti was a hoax, intended to frame the College Republicans, and that this possibility must have been known to DePaul officials from the beginning. In fact email I received from someone in contact with DePaul officials confirmed that the university recognized that the graffiti may have been an attempt to implicate O’Shea and others."

The article in the American Thinker goes on to point out that a public relations official from DePaul hinted that the incident might be related an affirmative action bake sale recently held by conservatives on campus.

Professor Cohen says, "…when the incident of racist and anti-Semitic graffiti occurred on March 8th , and there was evidence that strongly indicated that the College Republicans were the victims of a frame-up, the administrators proceeded as if this were still a hate crime, and even suggested the DePaul Conservative Alliance was somehow partially at fault. When asked point blank at the March 8th meeting whether there was a connection between the bake sale and the graffiti, the president replied that there was no evidence of DCA involvement but he believed the bake sale had harmed the community."

The DePaul mathematics professor can’t believe the school’s reaction to the apparent hoax. Cohen says a prayer vigil was held for those who thought they had been the victims of racial and religious slurs, and despite one of the "questioned students" being "told by the university’s chief investigator that the graffiti was almost certainly designed to implicate the College Republicans."