Politically Corrupt Version of the Pledge of Allegiance

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I pledge allegiance to the cloth that represents our homeland.
And to the republic for which it barely stands.
One nation, under litigation, with millions of immigrants.

Some legal, some not.

Under God or Allah, or Jehovah, or The Donald, or Ozzie or Brittany or
whatever Supreme being you happen to believe in!
And if you don’t believe in any, that’s ok too.

With thousands of ethnic cultures and backgrounds to pander and cater to
ALL THE WHILE worried about offending someone or hurting their SENSITIVE

With Liberty and Justice for all who have enough dough and belong to the right
country clubs.

Cash is the cross that we bear!!

If you have enough of it you can even get away with murder!

That’s the way it is here in the Politically Corrupt USA, DEAL WITH IT!