George Clooney Makes Me Gag

I guess George Clooney is the VIP judge for FYI this year. Now that Clooney’s brought his political agenda out the closet, Hollywood and the mainstream media wants to take full advantage of the situation.

If you don’t know what FYI is — don’t worry. Neither does anyone else. Besides, Clooney has a letter out explaining the whole deal.

"The ‘FYI – Film Your Issue’ program is designed to bring your voice into the arena. It’s about questions you want to ask or want answered. It belongs to you."

Basically, 18-26 year olds get 30-60 seconds to make a film about some politically-correct issue so "out-of-touch" Hollywood can rant and rave about it at their next awards ceremony.

Ooh, now the drama builds. This may be my favorite part.

"There’s not much riding on it. Just the state of the world. The condition of your country. Your town. Your home."

No pressure though…

Clooney closes with a round-about plea for the next Rosa Parks to step forward. No offense but I think that time has passed. As Ann Coulter pointed out in her column this week, Clooney’s still a little behind the times with this whole desegregation thing.

Out of touch is right.