Kansas Keeps Tuition Break for Illegals

Lawmakers in Kansas will allow illegal immigrants to continue receiving a tuition break at the state’s universities and colleges.

The House voted down a measurer that would have repealed a 2004 law allowing some students "without lawful immigration status" to pay lower tuition costs typically reserved for in-state students, according to an Associated Press report posted on

Speaker Doug Mays (R-Topeka) is not in favor of illegal immigrants getting a tuition break but tells the AP that “the debate over it is probably over for the year. Senators have shown no interest in repealing the law, and Gov. Kathleen Sebelius has criticized the idea.”

Rep. Becky Hutchins (R-Holton) spearheaded the effort to repeal the law and says, "This issue is not going to go away. …It’ll be back next year, and it will keep coming back," writes the AP.

The article goes on to say that nine states give tuition breaks to “non-U.S. citizens.”