Petition: NBC Should Fire David Gregory

A new website — — debuted today calling on NBC to oust its chief White House correspondent, David Gregory.

The website includes a petition that outlines two recent incidents involving Gregory that propelled him into the national spotlight. The first was a boisterous encounter with White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan, and the second was Gregory’s odd behavior yesterday on Don Imus’ program.

“These two episodes illustrate serious breaches in journalistic integrity,” the petition reads. “Mr. Gregory has done damage to NBC News’ reputation and the reputation of journalism as a whole.

“Journalists should report the story, not become a part of it. Mr. Gregory, who was unable to control his emotions at a White House press conference and behaved inappropriately on a nationally syndicated radio program, is unfit to work for NBC News.”

The petition asks NBC Chairman Bob Wright to immediately fire Gregory or ask him to resign.

Video of Gregory on Imus’ program — Imus accused him of being drunk — is prominently displayed on the website. There is also a clip of Gregory at the White House briefing when he yelled at McClellan about the handling of Vice President Cheney’s accidental shooting.

“In the past month, Mr. Gregory has become part of the stories he is supposed to cover,” the petition says. “This is not the proper role of a journalist, especially someone as powerful of Mr. Gregory, who covers President Bush and the White House.”