The DIY Online Abortion Guide linked to this horrendous post titled, "For the Women of South Dakota:An Abortion Manuel" hosted under a blog called "Molly Saves the Day."

In it "Molly" gives directions for performing at home abortions that includes a list of "equipment" that includes a pressure cooker and sedative medication.

"Molly" writes, "I will be following up this article with directions for performing vacuum aspiration for first-trimester pregnancies and inducing miscarriages for later ones."

The site claims to cover "Feminist issues, liberal talk, and news analysis by former journalist turned phone sex operator."

"Molly" advises that neccessary antibiotics can be "purchased from Mexican pharmaceutical supply houses for less than $2 per course." She warns, "A course of antibiotics is CRUCIAL. The most common cause of death post-illegal abortion is due to infection."

Some might not wish to read the entire post, but to understand the it’s graphic, detailed nature, I copied this part of the passage: Some of these pieces will be distinctly identifiable as fetal material. Save the material until the end of the procedure on a piece of plastic, so that you can be sure the entire fetus has been removed. If doing this sounds too ethically challenging, remember that fetuses do not have the capacity to feel actual pain until the third trimester. You are not "hurting" it, and it has no awareness, nor the capacity for awareness, that you are extracting it.

A special thanks goes to Steve Braunlich, founder of Collegians for Life and 2006 CPAC featured student activist for posting this item on