Evolutionist, Professor Lectures on 'Science'

A biology professor and evolution advocate shares his views of science and religion.
Dr. Ken Miller, who testified in a court case striking down "intelligent design" education within a Pennsylvania school district, told the Hamilton College community that when evolution is understood correctly, it does not conflict with religious beliefs, according to a news story posted on the school’s website.

Miller believes the first step to making peace between science and religion is to understand that "science tells us a great deal, but it doesn’t tell us everything." The story continues, "According to Miller, a way to reconcile these differences is to accept that ‘evolution defines a relationship between creator and created based on a moral independence and free will.’"

Wait a minute!
Isn’t "a relationship between creator and created" called creationism?
If Professor Miller truly believes "science tells us a great deal, but it doesn’t tell us everything," then why would he testify against the Pennsylvania school board that wanted to include intelligent design in its curriculum?
I’m not sure what’s more alarming: Professor Miller’s belief in evolution in light of his statements or the fact that our children are learning from him since he’s the co-author of three high school biology textbooks.

The school publication goes on to write, "’Why is this a big deal?’ asked Miller. The answer, according to Miller, is the future of science in America. We are raising a generation of people who are going to be suspicious of science, and that has huge implications for scientific fields. Other countries will be moving ahead in science, leaving the United States behind. ‘What is at stake is, literally, everything,’ said Miller."
How ironic!

Apparently Professor Miller wants us to have faith in science rather than in religion.