Higher Education Encouraging Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigrants pay less to attend college in Kansas than legal citizens from outside the state.

A 2004 law extends in-state tuition privileges to illegal immigrants as long as the students meet a few educational requirements and are seeking legal status, but according to an article in the Kansas City Star, some state lawmakers are working to change this policy. On Wednesday members of a state legislative committee will re-cast their votes on a bill that would kill the controversial law within Kansas but not in eight other states where the legislation is place.
The Associated Press reports that 221 students enrolled in college last year using the law. The article goes on to say that those who oppose the bill fear some of the state’s best students would not be able to attend college if the law is reversed.
"The House leadership is so intent on trying to deny a higher education to immigrant students in our state that they’ll use any and all political means at their disposal to achieve that end," said Melinda Lewis, director of policy advocacy and research for El Centro in Kansas City, Kansas.

The House leadership is not against "immigrant students." They’re against "illegal" immigrant students — not to mention illegal immigrants who receive preferential treatment.

Here’s a novel idea: detain the 221 illegal students who attend school in Kansas under this ridiculous law and then call I.N.S.